Covington County Detention Center
  Covington County Working Inmates

In the Covington County Detention center we have a "work release" program. This includes both paid, and non-paid jobs. In order for an inmate to be eligable for work release, they must have a background check performed. If the background checks comes back and the inmate is eligable for work, they may be placed on un-paid work detail for various county and city agencies. 
Paid work release is available to the inmates if they meet the criteria forementioned. If you would like an inmate to go out on paid work release there are a few things you need to know:

You must have Workmans Comp insurance.

You must provide them with transportation to and from work.

You accept resposabilty for their actions.

You will not let them operate a motor vehicle.

You must provide a phone number we can reach you at any time.

You must pay the inmate what you would pay someone else working in that field.

You cannot get them untill after 6 A.M and they must be in by 5 P.M. (exceptions can be made in certain situations)

The inmae is not to go to publice business areas with the exception of getting lunch.

25% of their pay goes to the county.

They must pay all of their prescriptions and doctor visits. (they may be taken by you with prior permission by our medical staff to their doctor or dentist.)

The inmate is not to ride with ANOTHER person besides another non-incarcerated employee.

Any questions may be directed to Captain Preston Hughes or Chief David Anderson.

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