Covington County Detention Center
  Covington County Medical Staff

Here at the Covington County Detention Center we are fortunate enough to have top of the line medical staffing provided to inmates. This staff includes:
Medical Team Administrator Annette Cain
Staff Nurse Dianne Williams
Staff Nurse Jean brawner

They are contracted to us through the company Southern Health Partners ( Any questions you may have concerning an inmates medical care can be directed to them by calling the Detention Center (334-428-2640). A little basic information about the care provided is as follows:

Sick call on the following day for non-emergency problems.
On call- 24 hour medical care for emergencies.
$5.00 co-pay for each prescription per 2 weeks.
$5.00 co-pay medical treatment (i.e sick call)
$10.00 co-pay doctor visit.
This facility is a non-narcotics facility. All of the prescriptions brought in are verified before being administered. Any narcotics are supplimented with a non-narcotic equivelant. We provide no doctors care for chronic pain problems. We do not fix pre-existing dental conditions. We have an X-ray machine brought into the jail for any cases requiring their services. 
Any facility interested in gaining a contract with this company can contact our nursing staff, or go to the webiste link in this section.

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